Hey there, welcome to Reverse Meltdown. So, you clicked on the About link there on the top of the page and now you’re reading this, hoping I tell you something, anything at this point, about Reverse Meltdown. Well, the short version is this: we are a daily blog about the world of independent, small press, and webcomics. Why? We’re glad you asked.

Collectively, we’ve been reading comics for decades, and over that time we’ve found ourselves gravitating to the stories, and books being published by small and independent creators. In fact, specifically in the last five or six years it’s become our opinion that indie and small press creators are publishing more interesting, diverse, original, and clever content. In a medium that’s known for superheros, the fact that creators have branched out beyond the stereotypical is both exciting and refreshing.

With that said, we also understand the industry is wildly dominated by the two largest comic publishers in the world. This makes it extremely difficult to explore and discover books from any of the other creators in the world. With the Big 2, you know what you’re getting into, however, with smaller publishers, there’s more risk. Will the series get pulled off the shelves before the end of the story? How long inbetween each issue? Will my store even carry those books? And the biggest question, are indie and small press books the same quality of those being published by the Big 2?

That’s why we’re here, to give you the answers the questions you might have. Many of today’s comic book fans don’t know where to start, or what’s available in the indie world. Even if you do know, it can be hard to know what books to buy, especially when so many titles are landing each and every month.

Our goal is to present as many options as we can to you, our audience and fellow comic fans. We’re grabbing these books, reading them, and then passing on our experiences with these books. We’ll talk about the quality of the story, how the art contributes to the overall feel of the book. We’re going to share our experiences, as a reader, and how we felt as we made our way through a series or book. If the book starts off slow but picks up later, we’ll discuss and dissect it. Overall, Reverse Meltdown is here to explore and expose the massive world of indie comics in the hopes that through us, you can find your next favorite book to read.