More Than Cat Pictures: 5 Instagram Comics You’ll Want To Read

Webcomic Spotlight showcases some of today’s best comics that are predominantly, or entirely, published on the internet.

Hello there, it’s nice of you to stop by. I’m glad you’re here. It’s so nice to have visitors, especially you. Wow…can you imagine if we started every post with a creepy and weird opening line like that? I have no clue why I started like that but as I was typing it I couldn’t stop laughing…so there we go. Today we’re doing something new and exciting: a top 5 Instragram comic list. I know…but try and keep calm. It’s for your own safety.

In my opinion, if you’re a comic creator and you’re NOT using Instagram…well…you’re doing it wrong (and if not wrong, you could definitely be doing it better). Also, I’ve found that most people don’t even know there are comics being posted on Instagram. Well, today we help fix that…after all, that’s what we do here. We help comic fans discover comics they never knew they wanted.

So, here’s five comics we discovered on Instagram, and we can’t get enough of them.

Adam Ellis:

To start us off we’ve gone with one of the funniest comic illustrators on Instagram. Not only are his comics well done, but the layouts are tailored to provide the best reading experience on this platform.

What sets Adam apart from other cartoonists is that he often adds animation to his comics. Nothing crazy, he isn’t doing full blown Saturday morning cartoon stuff. Yet, each comic is elevated with the addition of its moving parts.

Our experience with this is hit or miss. Webcomics have experimented with animation and Flash since the early day of webcomics. What Adam does so perfectly is using minimal movement with maximum effect. Whether it’s a throbbing zit that’s appeared on his forehead, or something as simple as a character jotting something down on a pad of paper, each small animation elevates this comic to something special.

Fowl Language Comics:

Next on our list is a comic we discovered some time ago. This might have been the first comic we found on Instagram. One might say this is our gateway comic. Thus it lead us to greatness. What sets this comic apart from the others is the clever way it delivers a slice of life story. Ducks are everyone, and everyone is a duck. It might sound goofy, but this twist makes the comic endearing.

It’s as though we’re seeing life through the creators eyes (no this isn’t created by a duck…at least I don’t think it is). What I mean is that comic creators often put much of their own selves into their work. With all the characters being ducks, we’re seeing the creative side of this cartoonist. The creator is envisioning life’s problems through the eyes of cartoon characters.

More often than not, each cartoon is a snapshot moment into being a parent. Now, when you mix that with the idea that we see into aspects of parental life, what you get is a wonderful comic. Life as a parent while also being a cartoon duck…with cartoon duck children. Overall we just found the mixture of the life of a parent and the cartoonish nature of the characters to be a wonderful balance. One part slice of life, one part goofy, fun, and creative.

John Cullen:

Now, when it comes to surreal, wildly outside the box comics, there’s no one doing it better on Instagram. Seriously, these comics are unlike anything we’ve seen before. The art is incredibly well done, and the short stories told in each comic are mind-blowingly creative. To top it all off, John as a regular series within his own comic called Gramphel.

Basically, Gramphel is a demented, dark, and twisted version of Garfield. We basically watch the interactions between John and Gramphel…a fat cat who never leaves its box. The twist, it appears Gramphel controls all of reality and thoroughly enjoys torturing John.

Beyond the oddity of Gramphel John fills in other cartoon slots with comics about the most metaphysical things a mind can imagine. What fascinates us the most about this comic is the constant illustrated ideas that it’s creator has. IF there were ever a comic giving a glimpse into the mind of its creator, this is it…and it’s amazing.

Chris Hallbeck:

What’s better than a comic that demonstrates clever ideas and well executed jokes? Well, not much in our opinion. Chris Hallbeck’s comic is wonderfully entertaining. With one look you can see how it’s completely different than any of the others listed thus far. Basically, every comic and story is told through advanced stick figures.

For some this might be a turn off, and frankly, you’re missing out if that’s the case. What this comic lacks in visual detail is more than made up by the outstanding jokes. Each comic appears to be carefully crafted and expertly delivered. Also, while it may appear as though the visuals are lacking, I’d argue that the simplicity adds to the charm of the comic, and allows Chris to focus on delivery.

There’s a reason we put it on this list. It only takes a few comics to understand this is far more than a stick figure comic. Oddly enough, as you sort of give yourself into this comic you start to see that more detailed visuals would actually take away from its charm. Also, and this is one of our favorite things about this comic, with just a few lines Chris captures a full range of emotions and reactions within these panels. We’ve seen art that’s far more cold and lifeless with far more detail. Yet Chris captures exactly what needs to be captured, and delivers it all hilariously.

Safely Endangered Comics:

Closing out our list today is one of the most fun and charming comics we’ve found on Instagram. From the creators own words, this is a, “silly comic.” We agree about the silliness, however to say it’s only silly is an understatement. There’s clearly a ton of thought and emotion that goes into each comic. Beyond that, the variety of subject matter, ranging from crack snorting reindeer to odd internet obsessions, there’s really something for everyone here.

What attracted us to this comic nearly immediately was the range of jokes. As we just said, there isn’t simply one particular subject that hits home here. It’s because of that variety that we found ourselves delving, even binge reading the archive. There have been so many comics that have caused an audible laugh that at times we have to be careful when we’re reading it. There’s nothing quite like blurting out a laugh in a quiet waiting room.

All in all this comic delivers everything and anything a person could want in a comic. The art is simple, but done in such a way that it’s a clear choice in style by the creator. The jokes and stories told within are thought out, delivered with comedic timing, and really is one of the funniest comics we’ve read in a long time.

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