Best Comics of 2016: Humor

Best Comics of 2016 is just that, our list of books, within each genre of storytelling, that stood out amongst all the others this year.

Here we are with nearly another year passed, which for some is celebratory and others…well, not so much. In either case, whether your year was great, mediocre, or bad, one thing stands true laughter is the best medicine. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a great mood, or feeling down, the fact is that humor always makes us feel better. So today we list out three of the funniest books we’ve come across this year, and if you haven’t checked them out, we can’t recommend these enough.

The Fix

Written By: Nick Spencer
Art By: Steve Lieber
First Issue Published: April 6, 2016 by Image Comics

When compiling a list of our favorite humor comics of the year, I thought it best to really paint with a wide brush. Different people find different things funny, and what I think is hilarious might not ever get a smile from someone else. So, I’m going to run the spectrum with the types of humorous books we have. Starting with The Fix, this book covers a sort of dark, more mature audience. I say mature, and by that I mean this most certainly isn’t for children or people who avoid crass humor. I mean, on the cover of issue three we have a topless lady hanging out of a car, and it turns out she’s hopped up on drugs (well, sort of).

The Fix follow two highly corrupt cops who are maybe the worst criminals, but definitely horrible people. I mean, these two dudes are bad at their core, but not so much in an evil, take over the world way. No, for these guys it’s more of a lack of morals. I mean there’s a total vacuum of nothingness where their morals should be. I’m not sure there isn’t anything they wouldn’t do for money, but being terrible cops, and even worse criminals, it become absolutely hilarious to watch these two guys get deeper and deeper into trouble. They attempt to claw their way out, then, because they’re bad a crime..and lack any sense of good choice making, it all keeps getting worse. This book is a spiral of bad choices getting progressively worse, and it’s hilarious.


Written By: Sam Humphries
Art By: Caitlin Rose Boyle
First Issue Published: February 10, 2016 by BOOM! Box

I’ve written, somewhat extensively, on Jonesy over this last year. I can’t get enough of this book, and frankly, I was the most surprised by my feelings. This is not a book I would normally buy, and definitely not one that I would typically find myself flipping out over. Yet, here we are, with Jonesy in our humor list, and there’s no accident that’s it’s here. This book is phenomenal from beginning to the current issue, and I for one will be reading it until it stops or I die. I’m that addicted to this book. There’s just something about the character Jonesy, mixed with the art style of this series. It’s a perfect combination because of how well each compliments the other, and at the end of the day there might not be another book published that’s made me smile like Jonesy.

Here’s something crazy, Jonesy follows a girl named…wait for it…Jonesy. I know you’re shocked, but pull it together. What’s most lovable about Jonesy is that she’s herself. She isn’t trying to be liked by everyone, she isn’t conforming to other people’s standard, but she also isn’t rebelling for rebellion’s sake. She is who she is, and it’s wonderful. From her obsession with Stuff (a pop singer in the world of Jonesy) to her self published zines, and her deep love for her family, Jonesy is just a lovable character. Also, the fact that she has superpowers adds an unexpected element that I adore. Maybe calling it a superpower puts too lofty a title on it, but Jonesy embraces it. If she weren’t so adorable this ability might be threatening, but the fact that she can’t force anyone to fall in love with her keeps it all relatively safe. With that said, her power is rather crazy in that she can make anyone fall in love with anything…ANYTHING. From donuts to ferrets Jonesy uses her powers for good, and although the outcomes aren’t always the most desired, her good intentions and follow through to fix things keeps everything lighthearted and fun.

Grizzly Shark

Written By: Ryan Ottley
Art By: Ryan Ottley
First Issue Published: April 6, 2016 by Image Comics

I wrote about this series when issue one hit the shelves, and even after all this time I still don’t know what the crap is happening in this book. What I do know is how freaking amazing and hilarious every page of every issue was, and I genuinely could read this book every month forever. Also, if there were a book that was completely the opposite of Jonesy, this would be it. Jonesy is lighthearted and cute, Grizzly Shark is morbid and bloody, in all the best ways. From the completely outlandish characters to the matching plot, this book was hilarious and without fail made me burst out in laughter.

Grizzly shark tells the tale of the rare and monstrous shark that lives in the woods. Now, you might be asking yourself, “How the crap does a shark live in the forest?” That’s a fair question, and the answer is, off the blood of its victims. “That didn’t answer my question, sharks live in the ocean, how’s this one live in the forest?” Uh, did you not see, this isn’t called Ocean Shark, it’s Grizzly Shark, like the grizzly bear, but not a bear…a shark. We good now? “…” Cool. As one would expect, based on the amount of blood found on the covers of this series, if gore and ridiculous violence isn’t your thing…maybe find a different book. If you aren’t bothered by that stuff, you need this in your life. You will laugh, scream, cringe, but most importantly, you will enjoy every moment of every page as we follow a group attempting to escape, then kill, all the Grizzly Sharks of the forest.

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