Best Comics of 2016: Superhero

Best Comics of 2016 is just that, our list of books, within each genre of storytelling, that stood out amongst all the others this year.

It’s new comic book day today, but seeing how it’s also three days away from the end of the year, we’ll keep pushing forward on our trek through 2016. Today’s list really has no specific name or genre. Each of these could easily fit into, and often do, other more specific genres, however, I feel like comics has its own special genre. A genre I refer to as Superhero; genre that has that classic comic book feel, but as it is with this site we want something more, something different. So here are a couple of our favorite Superhero comics from 2016.


Written By: Christos N. Gage & Chris Ryall
Art By: David Messina & J. H. Williams III
First Issue Published: July 20, 2016 by IDW Publishing

ROM is near and dear to my heart, and I’ve explained why in a different article earlier in the year. The basics go something like, I read it when I was a kid, loved it, was super hyped when I heard it was coming back. ROM isn’t like other superhero books because it’s never really been a wildly popular book. It is has core fans, people much like myself who remember it from way back, but it’s never really blown up like I think it deserves. The entire premise of ROM is fun, not meant to be super serious, nor does it take itself serious. All in all, ROM is just a fun sci-fi superhero book that captures the classic tone of what the character originally was, while giving it a more up-to-date feel.

ROM follows…well….ROM, a Space Knight arriving here on Earth to protect us all from an invasion of Dire Wraiths. Unfortunately for ROM, and us, these Dire Wraiths have been here already, and they’ve been here a long time…like a really long time. Nothing to fear thought, ROM’s a certifiable wraith aficionado. He knows all their tricks, how they work, and more importantly how to stop them. Whoops, turns out these wraiths are far more powerful than any ROM has ever faced, heck, these are more powerful than wraiths are even capable of being, and he has no clue what’s going on. Also, at the worst possible moment, ROM’s trusty and ultra-powerful weapon craps out on him, and ROM is left in quite the predicament.


Written By: Frank Cho
Art By: Frank Cho
First Issue Published: September 7, 2016 by BOOM! Studios

Now, this book has only been out for a short while, and as of writing this only two issue have been published. So, what’s makes this series so great that only two issues manage to make it one of the best books of the year? Oh, I don’t know, how about because it combines all the crazy elements of Indiana Jones, James Bond, and King Arthur. Yeah, look at that list, that’s a list of awesome right there, and when you take that much greatness and channel it through Frank Cho, what you get is something that freakishly amazing.

Skybourne follows…you guessed it, Skybourne, an immortal man with borderline superhuman powers. Also, he apparently has borderline superhero levels of depression as we start of the series with Skybourne jumping from a plane, catching the ground with his face, and him rolling over in the crater he just formed with his bodice cussing out the fact that he didn’t even get hurt. What’s a guy who’s lived forever supposed to do? Well, his sister, also an immortal with crazy powers, now works for some special agency wherein she gets to hunt and capture bad guys. We see her karata chop a dude’s face in half…and that’s literal not figurative…she actually karate chops a dude’s head clean in half. She also busts through walls like the Kool-aid guy, and has a general sense of fearlessness, afterall, she’s immortal. That is until Merlin…yes…that Merlin, shows up magic blasts the crap out of her then stabs with, what I assume is Excalibur. She dies, Skybourne finds out, and suddenly we have an awesome comic.

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