Start Kicking Your Way Into Great Comics

If you’re a fan of this site, or one of the exclusive group that watches our new series on YouTube, you’ll have noticed a recent topic sort of floating through. The question we’re asked the most is, “How do you find these more obscure comics?” It’s a fair question to be sure, as many local stores don’t carry most of the small press or indie comics. Even hunting new books down online can be rough as some of these publishers don’t have the audience to get certain online stores to carry their stuff. With that said I wanted to bring up one of my favorite places to visit online that has yielded me a great many books I’ve never found elsewhere: Kickstarter.


Now, today’s post is going to be much shorter than normal, mostly because there’s only so much I can say about Kickstarter. I don’t want this to be a promo for their site…like they need this remote blog’s help, but it is worth discussing because it has single-handedly provided me with books and stories that I would’ve never found elsewhere.

To start us off I want to give a warning. Kickstarter, while amazing, can also be somewhat overwhelming, and at times risky. What I mean by risky is that you’re investing, many times, in a book or series that you’ve never seen before. You’ve never read it, have no experience with the writer or artist, and you have no real way to know, other than what the creator tells you, how well the finished product will be.


With that said, I want to state that I’ve backed dozens of projects on Kickstarter, most of which have been comic based, and only once…I’m talking one time out of fifty, or more, where the product I received wasn’t what I was expecting. It wasn’t bad, nor was it low quality. It just wasn’t as good as I had hoped, but that’s really on me because I know for a fact that others enjoyed it.

Every other experience I’ve had on Kickstarter, specifically with comics, has over-delivered. Yes, you read that correctly. Every time, with the exception of once the products and books I received has been far greater than I ever expected. The quality has always surpassed my expectations. The stories I’ve read have been so good that I’ve thought about starting a Kickstarter series here on the blog. So, to boil down what I’m saying here, the tiniest risk of getting something you don’t like is worth the infinite value of things you will get. Kickstarter creators, in my experience, have given far more than I would’ve expected.


Okay, we’ve covered whether or not Kickstarter is worth checking out, yes, very much yes. Yet, once we are there we’re suddenly flooded with hundreds of choices. How do we navigate? This is where you’re choices and desires come into play the most. You need to have the smallest idea of what you’re looking for, or at the very least, a genre you’re interested in.

The things I find most amazing about looking for new comics on Kickstarter is that whatever I’m looking for, I can find. Do you want a steampunk, western, based on another world? You can probably find something like that there. How about a fanfic based story in the world of Pokemon? Well, if they don’t get sued because of copyright, there’s a good chance it’ll be there. What I’m saying is that Kickstarter is THE place I go to when looking for something new and different.


I know where to find superhero books. I know where to find books that have been around for a little while. When going to Kickstarter you need to be exploring for something different. Something that strikes you as intriguing and exciting. This is why I said you need to know, at least, what genre you want. There are, as of the time I’m writing this, one hundred and fifty one live comic book based projects, right now. If that doesn’t sound like a lot, imagine walking into your local store and every book in there is something you’ve never heard of before. Then imagine trying to figure out which, of all these new choices, you want to try.

It can be daunting for sure, but it is seriously worth the effort. I, personally, check Kickstarter two or three times a month, looking for something new to invest in. I’m mainly looking for sci-fi, but I also just browse to see if anythign catches my eye. I would dare say that once a month I stumble across something that I wasn’t looking for that blows my mind. That’s the power of Kickstarter. It allows creators to get their projects onto a landscape for a larger audience to find and support.

If you’ve never browsed the comic section of Kickstarter I highly recommend it. Heck, don’t stop at comics either, I’ve found all kinds of cool stuff on there, from live action projects, to watches, to collectibles. With that said, in my opinion, Kickstarter is probably my go-to place when looking for something different, exciting, and never before seen.

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