Enjoying Bad Decisions With VR

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drugs-and-wires-1Hey, is this your first time reading this blog? Well, if it is, then I have news for you. I. Love. Sci-Fi. Now, if you heard an audible, exhaustive moan, don’t worry, that would be the regular readers venting their frustration. I may, or may not, have mentioned that I love science fiction, roughly, a hundred times thus far on this blog. Hey, what are you going to do, when you love something, you talk about it…and I love sci-fi. Hey look, I managed to mention it twice already in this post, and good thing because today’s Webcomic Spotlight is tagging Drugs and Wires by Cryoclaire and Io Black. I found this comic a while back, and honestly can’t remember how, but I’m sure glad I did because I’ve been addicted to it ever since.

Drugs and Wires basically follows a guy named Dan around as he makes horrible choices, associates with all the wrong people, and finds the worst jobs possible in order to fuel his addictions. Wait a second…am I Dan? I do make horrible choices…I’ll literally doing unspeakable things for good comics…oh wait, no, my friends are awesome…wow that was close, cause Dan’s life sucks.


Anyway, Dan has this implant thingy stuck inside his head that allows him to hook up a virtual reality system. Sounds cool right? Well, no, because Dan over did it, became addicted to VR, lost his job, and is now forced to be a crappy delivery guy in some suburban hellhole.

While all of this is going on, Dan’s constantly looking for a way to feed that VR addiction, which only slightly explains why he hangs out with Lin. Oh Lin, you crazy, quite possibly psychotic “doctor” who eats noodles while operating on folks who want VR tech shoved into their bodices. Also, I’m not positive she even knows about pain killers, or anesthesia, or has basic understanding of medical practices.

Now, take all of that, dump it into a bowl, and add a cyberpunk styled world, with crazy grunge rock and 90’s vibes. Then cover every inch of this amazingly entertaining comic in dark humor, and what you’ll end up with is one heck of a comic. You’ll end up with Drugs and Wires, and I dare you not to be as entertained as I am by this awesome series.


Okay, now that I’ve hit the basics of the comic, I’m now free to nerd out over how much I love this series. I’m going to start off with the art, because holy crap, there is much going on with the art. I just need to vent out how in love with it I am.

Cryoclaire…yes, that is the name of the person who arts this thing…does such an amazing job at creating emotions within the readers as you work your way through this world. There’s just so much feeling and atmosphere within each panel, page, and story that I can’t imagine this comic being done by anyone else.

I can’t even count how many times I’ve taken notice of the fact that a particular panel, or page, just jumps out and pulls me into the story because of how well art and story blend in this comic. The art style is clean, the pacing is wonderful. Then there’s the addition of animated panels, which happens sparingly, but adds such a depth every time it’s used. It can be dangerous to add motion to a regularly still medium, but Drugs and Wires approaches it so well, and pulls it off at just the right moment, that each time you’re let with this, “Oh man that’s awesome,” moment.


This brings me to the story and writing of this series. As many of you know, I’m all about the writing in a comic. There have been many comics wherein I don’t really dig the art, but I love the story and writer, so I keep going with it. In my opinion, a good story can carry mediocre art. Now, when it comes to Drugs and Wires, what we have fantastic art alongside Io Black’s clever storytelling, immersive world building, both of which are combined with stellar character development and an extremely well built story.

One of the most impressive aspects of Black’s storytelling has been connected me, the reader, to Dan. Now, if you’re thinking, how the crap does anyone connect to a VR addicted, crap bag of a dude like Dan…that’s fair. To answer that, I’ll simply say, sympathy. First off, within the earliest pages of this series I found myself just wanting a better life for Dan. I watch his mistakes, and see his faults and I just want him to do better. It’s through this sort of, train wreck of life Dan has, that I found myself relating to him because everyone, everywhere, makes and has made bad choices.


With Dan however, we start to sympathize because his situation, which was self created, has left him in a place where he’s trapped. In that, as a reader, start cheering for Dan to do better, while also being highly entertained because we know bad choices are on their way. On more than one occasion I found myself sayin, “No Dan, c’mon man, don’t do that, how can that ever turn out…well, you know what…nah, go ahead and do that.” Then I’d just sit back and watch as life dropkicks Dan across the face.

If you haven’t gone to check Drugs and Wires out yet, just stop and think about how you, right now, are pulling a Dan. You’re making a bad choice by not introducing this wonderful comic into your life. I mean, seriously, this is a FREE webcomic. You get to enjoy this every Monday….FOR FREE, and you’re still sitting here as I ramble on. Oh…right…you need a link to it…uhhh…here you go. Now go read it and thank me later.

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