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New Comic Book Day highlights some of the best books released this week.

What’s up everyone, what a week it’s been so far. If you didn’t know, Reverse Meltdown launched our very first comic book talk show on YouTube this week. You can check it out here. Each and every weekday we’ll be delivering you segments of the show, and on Friday’s we’ll upload the entire thing as one long episode and podcast. With that said, lets get into today’s books…

horizon-5-coverHorizon #5

Written By: Brandon Thomas
Art By: Juan Gedeon
Published: November 16, 2016 by Image – Skybound

Horizon is one of those books that I talked about a bunch of months ago on a previous New Comic Book Day, then just enjoyed it without ever revisiting it here on the blog. Well, today that changes because it honestly deserves far more attention than I’ve given it.

In this issue our team of aliens are currently tracking down more of their kind, while also performing some of the most action packed jailbreak and escape sequences I’ve read. There’s some serious government cover-up stuff happening, and a new player that can physically challenge our aliens has arrived on the scene. From issue one to current, this book has just gotten better and better.

Gedeon’s art, which I said was perfect before, has taken it all to another place. Everything about this book thus far has just been top-notch, and once this first story-arc hits a an end, or at least a breathing point, I’m definitely going to be posting about it in Indie Well Done. With only five issues thus far, and all of them being available on ComiXology, there’s really no reason to not give this story a try.

ether-1-coverEther #1

Written By: Matt Kindt
Art By: David Rubin
Published: November 16, 2016 by Dark Horse

Here it is, the book that took me by surprise this week, and I’m so very glad I grabbed it. This is just another reason why my addiction fueled comic buying problem wins out again.

Ether is basically fantasy and real world combined…but separated…well, sort of separated. You see, between what we know as reality, and what the fantasy creatures know as Agartha, lay an inbetween realm known as the Ether. Think of it as the road between to city streets. You can’t get to one without crossing, but in this case the Ether might as well be an entire fantasy world of its own. Anyway, our story follows a scientist named Boone Dias who’s on a mission to debunk magic within Agartha. To do so he’s become somewhat of a Sherlock Homes type character, with far less know-it-all charm, and way too much, and I quote, “being an ass.”

Our story follows as Dias is requested to solve a murder, by the Mayor of Agartha, and that sets us up for one heck of an interesting story. Dias is forced to deal with magical things, but he’s so confident that magic can be explained scientifically that nearly nothing seems to amaze him. In this case the murder was committed by someone shooting someone else, but they used a bullet that can change course mid flight. You can see the difficulty our hardcore, science explains everything, investigator might have.

The wild turn of events however, happens once Dias returns back to our reality…wherein he’s a homeless man, but a once highly regarded scientist and professor.

I didn’t see that coming, it floored me, and the sheer amount of fun I had while reading this book instantly put it on my pull. I loved everything about this, from the story to the clever idea, the art is superb, the characters are interesting, and the plot was developed so wonderfully that it left me with a cliffhanger while simultaneously delighting me the entire time.

Go buy this book…you’re welcome.

moonshine-2-coverMoonshine #2

Written By: Brian Azzarello
Art By: Eduardo Risso
Published: November 16, 2016 by Image Comics

So, a very good problem to have, at least for me, is the fact that there are far too many great comics and not enough time for me to write about them all. I solve this, but only slightly, by including these books in NCBD posts, which allows me to talk about multiple books that I just haven’t been about to write about yet. With that said, Moonshine #1 was amaze-balls. If you didn’t read it, stop not reading it, and fix that problem. Now, lets move on to issue number two.

I’m guessing by the name of the book you can take a wild guess about its story. Yet, I’d dare say that if you’re judging this book by its name, or even the cover, you’re missing out on something great. In the first issue everything I thought this book would be, it was. I was getting old time gangster story where he wants to climb the family ladder. Then there’s a prohibition mob bossr selling booze, alongside a pretty intriguing story about acquiring some prime liquor being made by some hillbilly up in the hills. If you’re thinking, well, that’s exactly what I thought it would be…stay with me. What I didn’t expect was the very real chance that all this mobster and prohibition stuff is merely a backdrop for an amazing werewolf story, told from the eyes and ears of the guy witnessing some crazy stuff.

Honestly, I didn’t expect this book to take the turns it has, but the setup is so wonderful. The addition of the monster story being intertwined into the mobster foundation sets this book apart from the rest. If you’re thinking that the idea of a werewolf inside a mobster book sounds lame, I understand. On the surface, it would sound stupid to me also, however, this story is in Azzarello’s hands, and I’m telling you everything about this story works perfectly.

Once you mix in the art, and pacing of the story, what you end up with a surprisingly well done mobster story with a twist that genuinely had me in shock. Maybe this story doesn’t focus on this monster that bites people’s faces in half. Maybe that’s just a small portion of where this book is going. I don’t care. The story that’s developing in Moonshine has grabbed me with both hands. I was sucked in on the first issue, and the twists and turns in this issue has solidified that I’m buying this from now until it ends.

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