Concert Sneakage, Mysterious Letters, and Tragedy Make a Good Story

New Comic Book Day highlights some of the best books released this week.

I know there’s been a huge gap between the last NCBD and this one, but, we are back. New things are getting ready to launch, but most importantly, we are returning to our weekly schedule. This week was an awesome week for comics, so enough with the intro, let’s get into it…

jonesy-cover-8Jonesy #8

Written By: Sam Humphries
Art By: Caitlin Rose Boyle
Published: Nov 7, 2016 by BOOM! Box

IF you were to browse around this blog there are a handful of comic I’ve become obsessed with over the last year or so. Yet, within those particular books, none, and I mean not one book has surprised me more than Jonesy. This book is really counter to what I would normally love, and if it wasn’t for Humphries prior work I probably would’ve missed this gem. You have no idea how glad that didn’t happen, because this one book has solidified itself as one book I joyfully look forward to reading.

In this issue we have face the biggest plot twist we’ve seen thus far, and that includes making the school love ferrets, Jonesy meeting and working with her deepest crush, facing off with her mom, but none of that compares to what happens in this issue.

Of course no spoilers, in fact, the giant twist that caught me off guard isn’t until he very last page. The rest of this book is about Jonesy’s friend Susan, and the two of them sneaking into a concert they’re too young to attend. All the hijinks and awesomeness you would expect is found within, then suddenly…out of freaking nowhere…this twist lands, and now I have to wait another month before I learn what the heck is going on.

Go buy this book. Go buy all the back issues if you haven’t read any of this, heck there’s even a TPB of I think the first four or five issues. IF you’re still not sure, check out issue one so you get a grasp of what’s actually happening, then grab this current issue and start from here. You’ll have missed some awesome story stuff, but once oyu have the basics you can pretty much hop on at any point thus far. Seriously though, just go buy all eight issues and thank me later.

violent-love-cover-1Violent Love #1

Written By: Frank Barbiere
Art By: Victor Santos
Published: November 7, 2016 by Image Comics

Now, you know I just wrote about the lighthearted, fun, comical tone and feel of Jonesy, well Violent Love might be the polar opposite. This book is about a young girl learning of the ridiculously violent past of two criminals, who appear to be a sort of Bonnie and Clyde type.

We start off issue one learning about the Bonnie-esque character, Daisy Jane, who literally watches her own father get tortured to death just before having her house, which her and her father are in, get set a blaze by a local mobster. That’s one heck of a setup for a young college girl to spiral into a life of crime.

I am a sucker for old time gangster stories, and this is is shaping up to be one heck of a story. The art is perfect, the pacing and development hit all the points you need it to, and the fact that the story is being told by an older man, retelling this criminal duo’s shenanigans really sets the mood and brings home that emotion and tone you want from a book like this.

First issue hit the shelves today so it’s a perfect time to check it out. I already put this on my pull list and I’m absolutely looking forward to the next issue.

namesake-cover-1Namesake #1

Written By: Steve Orlando
Art By: Jakub Rebellka
Published: November 7, 2016 by BOOM! Studios

Wow, Namesake was a book that I knew nearly nothing about, but the premise and the art grabbed me enough to check it out, and I am so thankful that I did. This book isn’t like anything I’ve read…ever. I mean sure, it’s definitely sci-fi, and for any of who you follow this blog you know my weakness for the fiction of science. Yet, all the elements of sci-fi take a back seat in this story. Normally, the gadgets and lingo, parallel worlds, aliens, space travel, all of that stuff takes on a life of its own, usually. In Namesake however, it’s used so subtly that it becomes a backdrop. Something that is just there, in the story, that we’re all aware of but our focus is on the power of the characters.

Namesake is about a young fireman who is currently forced to deal with something called the Dimensional Alignment. From what I gather it’s an event that takes place every seven years and has something to do with another world called Ektae. For the rest of the world this Dimensional Alignment is sort of a Mardi Gras/Spring Break without any of the “party consequences.” People are going wild. The booze runneth over, and pills are being popped like chocolates the day after Halloween.

Our main character Molossus is forced to deal with some of the more raging parties, and even has to put out something called Class M Fire, the M meaning magic. We catch glimpses of cars blowing up as people are going crazy, fights break out, all the wild things that come with a world wide rave.

As we work our way through the book we learn about Molossus’ parents, who he believes are dead, then later (SPOILER) he finds out they were dead all this time, but now they are actually dead (SPOILER END). All of that info comes in the form of a package and letter from one of his dads asking him to deliver urns to the planet Ektae. Our boy agrees, has a fight with his “girlfriend,” and illegally jumps through a portal to Ektae. Upon arriving, well, lets just say things don’t go the way he hoped, and it was at this point that I added another book to my pull list.

This book was a wonderful mix of drama, action, and sci-fi fun, alongside a clever story that captivated in a few different ways. There’s some mystery going on with Molossus, his family, the urns, and maybe even his own past, but it was all setup so wonderfully that there was just enough to hook me and satisfy me. Great read, beautiful art and color work, and definitely is recommended that you check it out.

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