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New Comic Book Day highlights some of the best books released this week.

Hello all, it is once again New Comic Book Day and I am, once again, here to praise and exclaim the newest indie and small press books that have captivated me this day. On a side note, I want to apologize for the lack of updates. Things have been a little crazy for me but all is well and posts should be returning to their regularly scheduled postings. With that, let’s get into it…

Backstagers-1-CoverThe Backstagers #1

Written By: James Tynion IV
Art By Rian Sygh
Published: August 17, 2016 by BOOM! Box

Let me start of by saying that this book was all kinds of fun. There’s just something to be said about comics that don’t try and shock or awe the readers. Comics that want the dark and gritty appear to be bubbling up from all corners of the earth. Yet, here we are with a wonderfully lighthearted book that focuses on all the things that make a comic great, while also delivering on the one thing all comics should be….FUN.

The premise of the book follows a young boy, Jory, who’s just been thrown into one of the worst situations a kid can endure: a new school. Jory suffers from a thing that many kids all over suffer from…parents who move a lot. Also, Jory seems to be rather anti-social, or at the very least, he’s definitely an introvert. However, as his mom encourages Jory to go out and meet new friends our young boy stumbles into a group that will change his life forever…and most certainly for the better. After being shunned by the drama club Jory ends up backstage with the group that sets up all the props for school plays. While there he also learns that the backstage area plays home to an interdemensional rift allowing the “backstagers” to become adventurers. By the end of this book I realized I had been smiling the entire time while reading it, and it most certainly was added to my pull list.

Horizon-2-CoverHorizon #2

Written By: Brandon Thomas
Art By: Juan Gedeon
Published: August 17, 2016 by Image Comics

Well, its been at least a hot minute since I’ve nerded out over a sci-fi comic, but that minute is over and the nerding is about to begin. Horizon is a brand new book by Image Comics featuring one of my new favorite artists Juan Gedeon. If you’re unfamiliar with his work you need look no further than the many times I’ve featured Strayer here on the blog. Gedeon delivers awesome visual story telling each and every issue there and I’m excited to see his work landing here as well.

Horizon follows an alien woman living on Earth as unwelcomed guest. Now that might sound harsh, but the fact is, she’s on Earth to prevent humanity from destroying the universe. Unfortunately, as we learn in this book, there are things at work that are far larger at play than are alien hero understands. The best part of this series thus far is the premise that there are sporadic aliens living amongst us, not to dominate, not to steal global resources, but to actually prevent us from destroying the universe. It’s a lovely twist and Brandon Thomas is delivering clean impactful issues book after book. This entire thing plays out like mix between a reverse Independence Day and James Bond…if Bond has awesome alien tech that can literally cloak an alien to look like a human. All in all this book is really exciting, more than a little intriguing, and of course it’s simply another addition to the already wonderful list of awesome sci-fi comics hitting the shelves.

IHFL-8-CoverI Hate Fairyland #7

Written By: Skottie Young
Art By: Skottie Young
Published: August 17, 2016 by Image Comics

You might have gathered from reading this blog that I have a weakness when it comes to comics. Well, some call it a weakness, others call it an addiction, but I call it a strength…especially when it comes to the power of draining my bank account. Seriously, I spend a metric crap-ton on comics…it’s great…until I need lights, or gas, or food, but who cares because comics.

I mention all of that because it summarizes perfectly how I feel about IHFL. Yes, all my joy-joy feelings that are focused on all things comics come together and rest peacefully on this particular book. This is hands down, no competition, my favorite comic being published at the moment. Everything about this series brings me so much Smudging Fluffin happiness that I not only have purchased every issue, but the trade as well just so I can force this book onto people. Everyone in the world needs to be reading this book, and if you’re not, why do you even bother getting out of bed?

In this issue of the greatest comic known to mankind, Gert continues her quest to free herself from the fantastical world of Fairyland, and as one might suspect, things aren’t going the best. In my opinion though, thigns are going great because Gert is once again on a rampage through the land of fairy and no one is safe. What’s even greater in this issue is that we finally meet someone who may be able fluff Gert up right in her muffin maker.

As I said earlier, just go buy this book, all of the issues, then sit down read them all and think about how much better everything in your life would’ve been had you started reading this book months ago. If you are reading this…good for you and your great life choices…go get yourself a snack, you deserve it.

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