Life Rented By Demons As Tiny Parts Prevail Alongside Love & Puppies

New Comic Book Day highlights some of the best books released this week.

Would you look at that, another week has passed and another New Comic Book Day is upon us. Wednesday, the greatest day of the week, sure Saturday is great but do new comics come out on Saturday? Nope, which means it’s only great because most people aren’t working on that day and you can rest. Do you know a great way to rest? Try reading all those comics you bought on the greatest day of the week…Wednesday…NEW COMIC BOOK DAY!

Kill-or-Be-Killed-1-CoverKill or Be Killed #1

Written By: Ed Brubaker
Art By: Sean Phillips & Elizabeth Breitweiser
Published: August 3, 2016 by Image Comics

These types of books somehow manage to pull me into their world so quickly, and I honestly love every second of it. Kill or Be Killed is a mixture of crime/vengeance with the idea of selling your soul to the devil. The main character is Dylan, a young kid with a fairly depressing past, and more than a few suicide attempts under his belt. His best friend is now dating the girl he’s in love with, and to make matters worse, they all live together. So each and every night our boy Dylan hears his friend sexing up his dream girl…isn’t that just lovely. Even worse, one night Dylan hears his dream girl talk about how sad Dylan’s life is, and how sorry she feels for him. That’s one heck of kick to the ole man-bag right there. It’s at this point when Dylan decides to attempt his third, maybe fourth I lost count, suicide, and unfortunately…or maybe fortunately, I’m not exactly sure, he fails. Instead of falling from a rooftop to his death, he sort of hits a bunch of stuff on his way down and only ends up battered and bruised.

Now, you might be asking yourself, what does any of that have to do with crime, or vengeance, or selling one’s soul to the devil. Well, after Dylan botches his rooftop leap into oblivion he starts seeing a rather dark figure. This figure tells Dylan that his soul belongs to this dark figure and that in order to stay alive our boy has to start murdering bad people. In fact, this dark figure tells Dylan that he has to murder at least one person a month, sort of a devil’ish life-rent payment, or he’s dead. We follow Dylan as he tries to make sense of all this, and frankly, goes twenty-nine days without murdering anyone. By the end of this issue, which ends on the twenty-ninth day, Dylan is faced with the possibility that this dark figure may be real and not just some warped figment of his mind.

This book was so good, and caught me completely off guard. I know Brubaker is a fantastic writer, and I’ve been a fan of his for a long time. I say that, but I also want to say that this might be my favorite thing of his I’ve read. At least, based on this first issue, this story is shaping up to be one heck of a story, and I’m definitely going along for the ride.

Jonesy-5-CoverJonesy #5

Written By: Sam Humphries
Art By: Caitlin Rose Boyle
Published: August 3, 2016 by Boom! Box

It’s here, it’s finally here and I am super excited to see this book back on the shelves. A couple weeks ago I wrote about the first four issues, which completed the first arc of Jonesy, and now, because those books were so amazingly great, Jonesy was picked up as a continuing book, and I have a raging smile across my face.

In this issue we are reintroduced to Jonesy’s love, her super-crush, Stuff…the superstar singer. Jonesy is losing her mind over the fact that Stuff is going to be playing a huge concert right in her home town. Well, she’s not really losing her mind in a surprised way, as it turns out our girl Jonesy used her super-secret love powers to make Stuff fall in love with her town of Plymouth so he’d come and do exactly what he’s doing. Beyond this, Jonesy has setup all kinds of love traps for Stuff, and they all seems to be working just as Jonesy planned…until everything falls apart, and Jonesy is not stuck in the best way possible.

I don’t think I can love this book anymore than I already do. Humphries and Boyle are back with everything they brought in the first four issues, and with this book we’re getting into all the fun and crazy Jonesy stuff we want and could expect. If you aren’t reading this, please, go pick up the first issue at least. Give this book a try, it’s great, fun, and everything a comic should be. If that doesn’t work, well, Jonesy commands you to love this comic.

Animosity-1-CoverAnimosity #1

Written By: Marguerite bennett
Art By: Refael De Latorre
Published: August 3, 2016 by Aftershock Comic

That’s right folks, I know you’re surprised, but here I am bringing you ANOTHER Aftershock book that has hit the shelves today. I’m not even going to try and hide the fact that I’m easily an Aftershock fanboy at this point. There was no other option for me really, when a publisher manages to put out book after book of high quality stories backed back some of the best artists in the industry, I had no option. Why? Because I love great comics, and Aftershock does nothing but publish great comics.

Now, I don’t normally get a chance to talk about how much I love animals on this blog. Let’s just say that I consider my “pets” family and I love them dearly. Also, I’m sucker for just about any animal, but let’s get back to the point. This is a comic blog after all, and animals aren’t normally the center of attention in this industry…well not anymore. Animosity is one heck of a book, and by page three I was hooked…deep. Basically, one day, for no reason whatsoever, at least none that we can figure out, all the animals all over the world sort of, woke up. People referred to it as the Wake, and basically animals everywhere just started thinking and talking just like people. Whales were confessing their love for their trainers in an animal park, pets started telling their “owners” all kinds of things, cows started asking to be left alive at meat farms…you can imagine that the Wake was one heck of a day. It seems that most of the animals of the world, they don’t like us very much, so the day they woke up, it was kind of mayhem unleashed.

By the end of this first issue we establish that not all animals are pissed at people, in fact, some really love people, but many…maybe most, are ready to establish dominance of humans. We’re following one little girl, Jesse, and her pet dog Sandor. Within the pages of this issue, which I honestly wish was twice as long as it was, Bennett established this deep bond between Jesse and Sandor, and all the feelings I have within me came rising to the surface. This book is absolutely wonderful, and completely different than anything I’ve ever read. If you’re looking for an endearing story, great characters, and a story unlike anything before it, do yourself a favor and go pick this book up.

Jeff-Steinberg-1-CoverJeff Steinberg Champion of Earth #1

Written By: Joshua Hale Fialkov & Tony Fleecs
Art By: Tony Fleecs
Published: August 3, 2016 by Oni Press

One of the best things about comics is the wild and boundless landscapes with which people can tell their stories. Today’s shelves are filled with books that take themselves way too serious, and there are so many superheroes flying and punching their way around, saving the world…galaxy…time itself, that it all gets to be boring. Then, as it happens, something great shows up. Something that goes against everything the big publishers are tossing out, and it smacks everyone across the face and reminds us that great stories are being told everywhere. The Walking Dead, Saga, these books remind us that heroes come in all shapes and colors. That stories can be great, worlds can be explored, and we the readers can connect and delve into an amalgam of books. Then of course there’s a book like Jeff Steinberg, and I couldn’t be happier it exists.

Jeff Steinberg Champion of Earth is a story about a guy who ate glue, and made a bet with his friends with he would poop out the glue. If you want to take a moment to reread that, I understand, there was a lot to take in. This book isn’t trying to be the next greatest comic the world has ever seen, instead, it’s being fantastic all on its own. So, here’s the basic premise, and let me warn you, it’s crazy. Our glue eating, poop betting guy, Jeff, goes about his normal day as a lazy, mediocre video store clerk. For those of you too young to know what a video store is, think Netflix, but an actual store where they have DVD’s (at the time it was VHS tapes…Google it) for rent. Anyway, these stores don’t really exist anymore, so the fact that Jeff works at one really sets the tone for just how much he’s achieved in life. As it goes, Jeff is sitting on the crapper when suddenly aliens appear and chose a champion for fight for the lives of everyone on earth. Do you want to guess who gets chosen? I’ll give you a hint, read the title of the book. That’s right, good ole glue dookie. He gets beamed up the alien ship, pants around his ankles and is broadcast across every network in the world. Turns out he has small pee-pee, but that’s isn’t important.

What is important is just how freaking hilarious this book was, and how awesome it is to read something that is legitimately trying to make a fun, goofy comic, while succeeding at it. It’s tough to write comedy, but this book hit a bulls-eye with me. I was actually laughing, out loud…or as people say now, I was LOL’ing…for realsies. By the end of this book Jeff has tried to weasel his way out of this contest wherein he must complete ten trials or everyone on Earth dies. As it’s to be expected, no one but Obama…yes, President Obama, has confidence in our boy Jeff, but who cares because this comic is funny as crap. You want a laugh? Go read about Jeff and his glue-turds and tiny wiener, you can thank me later.

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