The Most Powerful Beard In All The Land

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For those of you who aren’t really into RPG games such as Dungeons and Dragons, or Warhammer, allow me a moment to preface today’s post. There’s something interesting about creating your own character which you take on whimsical adventures. Sure, it’s not a real character, but therein lies the enjoyment and fun of tabletop RPG games. You, the player and creator of that character, get to bring it to life. You play this character. You make choices that you might not make yourself, but your character would, and you get to do all of this in an adventure wherein all sorts of monsters and treasure lie in wait. Often times in RPG games, it’s not about the particular game, but instead, it’s taking your handcrafted character to places your imagination couldn’t fathom. I bring all of this up because every once in a while I come across a comic that takes me to that very place. A place of whimsy and adventure, all from the comfort of my chair. One such comic that has enraptured me recently is She Dwarf, by Kyle Latino.


Now, I first heard about She Dwarf in an interview with Kyle on a comic podcast. I admit I’d never heard of any of his previous work, but I most certainly am thankful I know of him now. This comic is one of the most fun comics I read during my week. His art is superb, with a very stylized line work that brings to life his vivid and wild choices of colors. His panel work and story flow are crisp and clear, delivering an impactful page of beautiful art work and storytelling each and every week. From the very start, Latino delivered a character that was endearing, heart warming, and bad-ass all wrapped up around a female dwarf with the best beard I’ve ever seen. Yes, you read that correctly, a female dwarf, with a fantastical beard.


In this comic we follow alongside the main character, She Dwarf…yes, that’s honestly the name of the main character, and by that name you can guess…she’s a female dwarf. I know, that’s some deep detective work right there. We pick up our story as She Dwarf enters a town full of adventuring heroes, and roughly one hot second later our dwarvish girl is in a bit of a rustle. A rather well known hero makes a comment about our girl’s beard, thus leaving her with only one option. BEARD FIGHT!!

If that doesn’t set the tone and feeling of this comic, I’m not sure what would. Everything about this comic is fun, which is why I compare it to playing through an RPG adventure. Once our girl shows this town full of adventurers what she’s made of, or rather, what her beard is made of, she’s off to gather information at the only place anyone gathers information in a fantasy world: the tavern. It is here that we’re introduced to all manner of creature and monster, while also given a slight glimpse into She Dwarf’s family. It appears her mother is quite the famous hero herself. As it goes, more adventure and all manner of chaos presents itself to our burgeoning hero, and from this point the comic elevates itself to even greater heights.


As you might be able to gather, I’ve been a fan of this comic since page one, of chapter one. Honestly, I would’ve written about this months ago, however, I have a strict rule on writing about webcomics. There needs to be at least twenty-five pages of updates before I’ll do so. Each and every week I’ve been anticipating writing this, and without fail it is on it’s twenty fifth update that I’m now writing this. I’m not sure I’ve looked forward to writing about any other piece of work thus far more than She Dwarf. This comic is just so good, expertly crafted, and beautifully drawn. I was honestly counting the updates, just to boost this story.


The one thing amongst all the other aspects of this comic that stands out, and deserves recognition is Kyle’s interaction with his readers. Each and every week people comment how much they’re enjoying the strip, or mentioning a particular thing that really stood out to them. Latino’s interactions with his fans are so superb that I would encourage other comic creators to take a few notes from him. He consistently communicates with his readers. He’s positive, upbeat, fun, and always thankful for praise. When you take a generally positive attitude like that, and mix it with the superb work he’s putting into She Dwarf, there’s just no chance I’m not going to boost this comic as much as I can. I want everyone to be exposed to this story, to these characters, and to Latino’s hard work. This story deserves quality readers and fans because of the high quality, topnotch comic that appears each and every Thursday. If you’ve never heard of this comic, consider yourself blessed today, because I have very little doubt that everyone who allows She Dwarf into their life won’t be as entertained and enthralled as I’ve been with this tiny bearded hero…who could easily beat the crap out of me.

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