May Have Missed: June

May Have Missed is a monthly post in which I talk about a handful of standout comics that were published during the previous month.

Holy crap, time sure goes by quickly. I mean, it doesn’t really, it’s flows at a constant pace but our perception of time is relative to our experiences within it…but that actually has nothing to do with comics…so who cares? The month of June had some awesome books, many of which we talked about in New Comic Book Day posts. Of course, we can’t cover every single book that comes out, so as always, here at the start of a new month we boost a handful of books that you May Have Missed.

Joyride-3-CoverJoyride #3

Written By: Jackson Lanzing & Collin Kelly
Art By: Marcus To
Published: June 15th, 2016 by BOOM! Studio

We covered the first issue of this book when it hit the shelves back in April. It smacked me right in the face with it’s gorgeous art and clever storyline. Since that time it has only become better. Within the first three issues this story has taken off and delivered a fun, adventurous tour through space alongside a group of people who really have no business being in space. It’s not been an easy ride for our group and nearly everyone they meet believes they should go home to where they belong, however, here in issue three our group is coming together, and it looks like things are going to get extremely interesting.

The most intriguing aspect of this particular issue is how we’re given glimpses into each of their lives. Our group has crashed onto a planet that is psychically connecting them, and suddenly their memories are being beamed into the minds of the others. That can’t be fun when most of your memories are about your horrible past and how your life sucked. Then there’s the part where you don’t want anyone to know how vulnerable and damaged you are, but who cares because psychic planet is just shooting your business all up in everyone’s face. Rude.

With only three issues out thus far Joyride is an easy pickup and delivers on its name. Everything about this book is currently fun and the ride thus far has absolutely been joyful. As for me, this book is usually the very first book I read when it hits the shelves.

Weavers-2-CoverWeavers #2

Written By: Simon Spurrier
Art By: Dylan Burnett
Published: June 8, 2016 by BOOM! Studios

This is one of those books that caught me by surprise. I didn’t know what to expect with this series and thus far they are bringing everything I could ever want. The first issue grabbed me with its creative and interesting storyline. The idea that there’s a powerful gang given abilities by these mystical spiders, that they swallow, had me from the start. Add in that one of the new recruits isn’t quite feeling a need for all the murder and mayhem, but has to deal with the fact that all the “Weavers” are connected really develops an interesting conflict.

In this issue we find out just how crazy and elaborate the Weavers will go to weed out any betrayal. I’m not even going to try and explain how messed up this group of super-powered baddies are is in this book, but I will say they’re messed up in all the best ways. We have someone getting seduced, spied on, being forced to deal with murdering someone, dragged around to do horrible stuff, all of which is to “prove” loyalty. Why? Well, nearly everything our main guy does is suspicious, and the leaders of the Weavers aren’t stupid. At the end of this issue I took a deep breath because the tension and suspense found within was great. Two issues and your into this story in the best possible way, both of which are available digitally. This is definitely a book you don’t’ want to miss.

3-Devils-4-Cover3 Devils #4

Written By: Bo Hampton
Art By: Bo Hampton
Published: June 29, 2016 by IDW Publishing

One of my favorite things about this book is how it has taken the western genre and morphed it into a very interesting and clever story. I’ve said this before on other posts, but western comics aren’t easy. What 3 Devils has done in such a short amount of time—four issues—is create a wonderful foundation for the world in which the characters dwell, while adding in elements that cause the reader to feel intrigued. We have, for all I can gather, an immortal companion to our young girl hero. Some form of vampire/demon soul sucking baddies, and then the general violent nature of the old west all mixed together. What’s great is how well each different aspect of this story brings to life the others. The soul sucking, the immortality, it all bonds together in such a wonderful way that after each issue I just want more of this story to read.

The other aspect about this particular book that’s taken it to the next level was the jumping forward in time, which actually took place in issue three I believe. In this issue we get to see how all of that plays out. We started off this series with our young girl watching her family get slaughtered, but now she’s been trained, and unleashed on the world. She is a moving death-storm and this transition was the best thing Hampton could’ve done. We’re first given this character, alone, defenseless, but with purpose, then advance her story forward ten years and let us see what she becomes because of that. It was a brilliant storytelling move as well as a great pacing move for this book. It came at the perfect time, and allowed this particular issue to pick up the pace in a way that wasn’t at all off-putting. This is one of the best western series I’ve ever read, and I can’t recommend it enough to everyone.

Second-Sight-5-CoverSecond Sight #5

Written By: David Hine
Art By: Alberto Ponticelli
Published: June 8, 2016 by Aftershock Comics

This story is one of the best suspense builders I’m reading at the moment. From the very start Hine was hinting at this deep brooding darkness within one of the main characters: Ray. We’ve been given these glimpses and “visions” of some crazy looking psychotic butcher with the creepiest bondage outfit that could ever exist. Then there’s the whole trail of clues and witnesses of the child molesting/murder group the Wednesday Club who wants both Ray and his daughter Toni dead. All of this is culminating, with such suspension that you desperately want answers, and to see some form of goodness take place, but it’s not really happening. Instead, things just keep getting worse, and as for the readers, all I can say is keep it coming.

In issue #5 we finally get to see behind the proverbial curtain, and take witness to the connection between Ray and bondage-face-guy. Seriously, this is some dark but amazingly interesting stuff happening. Ray’s daughter, Toni, wants to believe her dad isn’t this murderous psycho her mom believes him to be, but Ray isn’t helping in that area. Toni’s step-dad has more than a few self-confidence issues, so he’s instigating every chance he gets. Toni is pressing her dad for answers and we get a great moment of father daughter time. Yet, that’s interrupted when psycho murderers start pressing into Ray’s mind. You would think that’s plenty of conflict to have in a story, but no, while all of this is happening they’re still being hunted by this mystery club. There are so many things happening in this book, but Hine handles them all brilliantly. Nothing feels bloated, it never overwhelms the reader, but everything puts pressure on the characters and creates this wonderful attention that definitely has this reader/writer coming back for more.

The-Fix-3-CoverThe Fix #3

Written By: Nick Spencer
Art By: Steve Lieber
Published: June 8, 2016 by Image Comics

Have you ever wanted to read a comic because of how insane the the main characters are? In “The Fix,” we have two of the most corrupt, dirty, foul, immoral cops to have ever walked the earth, and I can’t stop laughing. These two guys are seriously so entertaining that one of the main reasons anyone should be reading this book is simply to watch these two cops do the crazy stuff they do. At one point, in order to make themselves look good and cover up some corrupt stuff, they framed a fellow officer, who was seemingly a good guy, but an easy target, so why not? We got kidnapping, celebrities doing every drug they can find, drinking more booze than humanly possible, people being framed, stolen cars, “lost” crime scene evidence, and a setup for a hustle that is unbelievable.

All of that has taken place and we’re only into issue three, which leaves me wondering, what could they possibly do next? Then the end of the issue hits and I’m left with a smile because it’s very clear these two horrible cops are in over their head. How they’re going to fix the problem they suddenly find themselves in seems impossible. With that said, I’ve never been more entertained watching two horrible people try and get away with the worst crimes they can concoct. Considering we’re only three issue deep I can’t even imagine where Spencer is going to take this story, but I’m hooked and definitely going along for the ride.

Satellite-Falling-2-CoverSatellite Falling #2

Written By: Steve Horton
Art By: Stephen Thompson
Published: June 1, 2016 by IDW Publishing

It’s a great time to be a comic fan. With indie and small press publishing stuff that is at such a topnotch level. Satellite Falling is just, flat out, a great comic. The first issue grabbed me pretty quick because of my sci-fi tendencies, but after the first few pages it solidified itself as a standout comic. What we have in this book is sci-fi done creatively, with a protagonist that you want to cheer on. One of the biggest problems comics face is this idea that heroes are built from a certain stereotype, when the reality is anyone can be a hero…anyone. This is the premise underlying in Satellite Falling, we have someone who’s been cast away from her people, living amongst others who do not welcome her, and she’s making the best she can out of it.

In issue two we really see the power behind our main character. What she’s willing to do and how far she’ll go based on her own moral compass is put to the test. She isn’t perfect, in fact far from it, but what grabs the readers is her care for those in need. She understands that people need help because she herself needs it, but she also sees that if able, she must represent that very principle to others. By the end of this issue I was totally on board with this character and book, then the plot twist hit me like a train and all I could think was, “I need the next issue immediately!”

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