Time Bending, Bounty Hunters, Resolution, and Plot Twists in All Their Glory

New Comic Book Day highlights some of the best books released this week.

Hello all, once again allow me to welcome you to another week of brand new comics. There are some books that hit the shelves today that I’ve been looking forward to for a while, and a couple others that surprised me with their twists and turns. Also, starting tomorrow, I’m launching a new feature entitled “Better & Better,” which will discuss different issues as they progress through their arcs, specifically focusing on books that are getting better and better as they go on. With that, let’s dive into today’s highlights…

Jackpot-3-CoverJackpot #3

Written By: Ray Fawkes
Art By: Marco Failla
Published: July 6, 2016 by Aftershock Comics

I still remember when the first issue of this book first hit the shelves…probably because it was only like three months ago, but still. It was the first time I really delved into a heist/conman comic and I was sold after the first page (you can read about the first issue HERE). Well, here we are at issue three and holy smokes has this book taken us for a ride. It still has all the key elements it presented us in issue one, but the twists this story has taken are incredible. What I’m finding most intriguing thus far is how Fawkes has introduced an element of super human abilities, but grounded it within the story, without losing that heist/conman vibe.

For myself, I wasn’t ready for this story to go as deep into the metaphysical it did. I mean, there’s people with abilities to bend time and space, however, this addition has added such a great flavor to the story that I’m completely hooked. The storytelling is superb, and in this issue we’re getting to the nuts and bolts of out antagonist group. A whole bunch of while, timey-whimey stuff is flying around in this book, and Failla’s art handles it all with expertise. With Fawkes navigating the story direction and Failla cranking out beautiful, action packed, wild pages, it’s my hope that this book stays around for a very long time.

Kim-n-Kim-1-CoverKim & Kim #1

Written By: Mags Visaggio
Art By: Eva Cabrera
Published: July 6, 2016 by Black Mask Studios

Folks, I’ve said it once, and I’ll keep saying it…it is books like this that keep me buying small press and indie comics. Seriously, I wasn’t three pages into this book before my mind was already dazzling over Cabrera’s art, and remarking how well the characters were being introduced. If every new comic, heck, if every small press and indie publisher were making books as good as this, the industry would see major changes. What this book does, and expertly I might add, is show us how amazing stories can be when original voices are telling stories beyond one race, one gender, or one sexual orientation.

As for the book itself, the story is wonderful. We’re following two freaking awesome bounty hunters aptly named Kimiko & Kimber. For the first few pages we get to watch as these two hunt down their bounty, starting us off with Kimiko crashing through the window at what looks like a rather expensive restaurant. This little chase ends as Kimber snipes their prey in the knee, while also flying their hover-hippie-van, and Kimiko smashes the bounty across the head with her weapon of choice—an electric guitar. That’s literally the first three pages, what follows is a very strong, character driven sci-fi based story that stands to be one of the best books to hit the shelves today. Do yourself a great favor and check this amazing book out.

Dreaming-Eagles-6-CoverDreaming Eagles #6

Written By: Garth Ennis
Art By: Simon Coleby
Published: July 6, 2016 by Aftershock Comics

Here we are, the final issue in this absolutely wonderful book. I’ve been looking forward to this story each and every month, and this issue is no exception. This is one of the first books I picked up from Aftershock, and was definitely one of the biggest contributors into my obsession over everything they publish. I honestly hope this book spurs more creators to tackle stories like this, highlighting historical events and people. I found this to be a great primer into learning, and researching more about the Tuskegee Airmen simply because of my enjoyment of this book. As this story finds its end, I’m glad to say this book has left an impression on me that I don’t want to forget.

As we wind down with Reggie and Fats doing their thing in the air one last time, we learn that while these men served and fought their country, racism knows no such thing. I’m not going to spoil the issue, but please allow me to say that this book moved me emotionally. I was legitimately mad at the injustice splayed out in this book, not because of what happens to fictional characters, but because of the reality it represents. As I said, Dreaming Eagles is one of those books that should be leading the way for new creators to highlight people and events that need to be known. This book expertly does that very thing, and will be a story I’ll recommend for years and years to come.

Tokyo-Chost-Issue-Six-CoverTokyo Ghost #8

Written By: Rick Remender
Art By: Sean Gordon Murphy
Published: July 6, 2016 by Image Comics

I’m not sure I can give this series enough praise, nor can I think of another book that has held my attention and delight for so many consecutive issues. Here we are on issue number eight, and it feels like yesterday when I was grabbing the very first. I can’t imagine the difficulty of keeping a ten issue story fresh and exciting each and every issue, yet, Remender and Murphy have accomplished that very thing. With only two more issues remaining in this series, I’m both elated to see how things resolve, and devastated that this great story will be ending at issue ten, as always planned.

With this issue we are neck deep in the pit of crap that Ted and Debbie are sinking into. So much happens in this book. One moment you’re cringing because things look like their going to get worse. Then your literally cheering because of a twist no one could’ve guessed, only to have that dashed to pieces because everything is falling a part once more. I was so into this issue that when I hit the end I was jarred back into reality, that’s how engrossed I was in this issue. Everything about this particular book is setting up one heck of a finale, and based on all the previous issues, I have no doubt Remender and Murphy are going to deliver.

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