We Got Demon Hunters and Cold Death Roads

New Comic Book Day highlights some of the best books released that week.

What. Is. Happening! That’s right, here we are once more, my favorite day of the week…NEW COMIC BOOK DAY (air horn noises). I know it’s been a few weeks but we’ve returned, fueled with happiness and my deep seething addiction to all things comics. This week we have demon hunters, lady wolves, deeps sea shenanigans and more so lets get into it…

Lucas-Stand-1-CoverLucas Stand #1 of 6

Written By: Kurt Sutter & Caitlin Kittredge
Art By: Jesus Hervas
Published: June 22, 2016 by BOOM! Studios

Starting us off this week is Lucas Stand by Boom! Studios. Now, I had no idea what to expect when I dove into this book. Seriously, the cover looks awesome so I flipped a couple pages, I was then blown away by the awesome artwork and decided to grab it. What came next was an awesome story about an ex-military man who seems to have the worst day ever. Well, maybe not the worst as we find out during his military service in the “Dust Bowl,” he was shot about a bajillion times in the back and paralyzed. The doctors said he’d never walk again, Lucas Stand said, “Screw that,” and started walking…eventually.

While his stubbornness allowed him to walk once more, and managed to amaze the doctors, what wasn’t foreseen was the excruciating pain it would cause him. What’s a guy supposed to do? How about use his military background and join the police force? Nope. Okay, maybe the police is too much, how about a security guard? Nope, of course not. Oh of course, it’s so obvious now…mall cop. Unfortunately, his boss is a jerk-hole so Lucas punches him in the face, heads to a bar, drinks about ten gallons of booze, does a half dozen lines of coke, drives home, and causes a family to swerve off the road leading to their crash and death.

I’m not going to lie, Lucas’ life sounds like it sucks, which is probably why he ends up sticking a gun in his mouth and pulling the trigger. You might be thinking I’m spoiling the whole book, but actually, that’s only the first half dozen pages…after that the book takes off in a spiral of awesomeness. At this point all I can say is go read this book.

MMPR-4-CoverPower Rangers #4

Written By: Kyle Higgins
Art By: Hendry Prasetya
Published: June 22, 2016 by BOOM! Studios

Oh BOOM! Studios, you crazy folks, how do you keep cranking out books that I fall in love with so consistently?

Power Rangers is one of those books that I, originally, bought because of nostalgia and childhood memories and stuff. I expected the same corny humor and over the top action that bathed the late 90’s TV show. However, what I got was a legitimately great comic that managed to capture all of the greatness of the Power Rangers, while transforming it into a seriously awesome story.

In issue four we’ve come to a pinnacle with the conflict between the team. Tommy (the Green Ranger) was, as some of you know, originally empowered by Rita to destroy the Power Rangers. He broke free from her control, joined the Rangers, but thus far hasn’t really earned their trust. He’s been having hallucinations, thinking Rita is in his head, while hiding everything that’s going on from his team. With all of that, Rita has managed to take control of the Dragonzord and the team is forced to deal with it, however they decide it’s best to do so without Tommy. This of course pisses Tommy off, causing him to eventually disobey orders and heads out to help the team. However, in the end it looks like he’s done far more harm than good, and this issue leaves us with a pretty big cliff hanger. All-in-all this comic is great, the art is superb, the story telling is fantastic, and they’ve taken a 90’s classic show and brought it into a new generation seamlessly. I highly recommend that anyone and everyone should check out this book.

Dept-H-3-CoverDept. H #3

Written By: Matt Kindt
Art By: Matt Kindt
Published: June 22, 2016 by Dark Horse

This is one of those books that I initially grabbed because the basic premise intrigued me, and the stylized art grabbed my attention. I didn’t know what to expect in this story, but what I’ve found was a great murder mystery comic that’s managed to capture my interest for the last three months.

I’ve never been one for mystery comics. They’re tough to pull off because unlike movies, the panels are frozen, thus visual clues are just out in the open for anyone to see. Whereas movies can show clues but can do so for a fraction of a moment if they so choose. They have the ability to force the eye away from the obvious by moving the camera. With that said, this mystery comic has overcome such hurdles, has me hooked in every possible way, and I love it.

In this issue we’re dealing with some catastrophe control that took place at the end of the last issue. We’re recovering, getting things stabilized, and dragging people to safety…that is until it all falls apart once more. The fact that all of this is taking place in an underwater ocean science lab is what creates the tension needed to pull this story off. Knowing that everyone is a suspect, but watching them all be helpful, even treat each other like family, causes a strain on the reader in a beautiful way. You know you’ve met the murderer because you’ve met everyone in the lab. You’ve seen suspicious things, but they’ve all been explained away, and at the end of the day we’re locked up at the bottom of the ocean, with no where to run or hide. By the end of this book, some seriously weird stuff starts taking place, people are lost and trapped, water is flooding in, and all I could do was sit there and want the next issue to be in my hands right now.

Black-Road-3-CoverBlack Road #3

Written By: Brain Wood
Art By: Garry Brown
Published: June 22, 2016 by Image Comics

I seriously love this book. We’re only three issues deep, but holy crap this book has hooked me deep. The simplicity of this issue was unbelievably great. I say simplicity because the story in itself isn’t complicated, at least in this issue. We’re dealing with surviving on the Black Road, and that is no easy task. In fact, it seems to be near impossible. Everything about this road is meant to kill and destroy. However, in this issue, it’s the simplest of tasks that is bearing down on our travelers: the bitter cold.

What makes this book great is the ability to connect the readers to the characters the way Brian Wood has done. We have opposing forces in our two main characters. One is a burly, strong man of the world as opposed to his traveling companion, a young somewhat naive, educated, and stubborn girl. The tension between the two makes for wonderful reading while the mission they’re on makes the reader feel compelled to cheer for them. As I said, in this issue we’re dealing with not freezing to death, and while that might sound boring, this issue was anything but dull. The harshness of the Black Road has become a character in and of itself, as though this non-entity has come to life and is challenging our duo as they traverse it. By the end of this book our travelers are forced into even deeper peril as the Black Road fights back, attempting to keep them from their goal.

After the first issue I knew I was addicted to this book. Issue two delivered in every way I needed and now that I’m done with the latest issue, there’s no turning back. I need to know how all of this turns out and I highly recommend you join me in this adventure because this is one fantastic book.

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