The Week of Vanishing, Also Known As: Taking a Short Break

Hey everyone, just a heads up that posts will be extremely sporadic for a a couple months. I’ll still be around but I have a bunch of stuff happening in May & June, and I’m using the last week of April to organize and plot out all the upcoming projects and things, some of which specifically pertain to the blog *cough* *cough* podcast *cough* YouTube show *cough*. I’ve been burning the candle at both ends and just need some time to regroup, re-energize, plot a course, and all that type of stuff.

For those who’re interested, the last post of our There and Back Again: Spawn is being delayed, but not forgotten. After the final post we’ll be tackling Wolverine, my all-time favorite hero.

Have a great week, enjoy yourselves, don’t forget there’re some amazing comics hitting the shelves this Wednesday…4 Kids Walk Into a Bank, Micronauts, Batman #51, and the GN Airboy.

Peace out and see you all in May.

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