Anger Problems Can Lead to Punching Satan

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Katrina-CoverKatrina Hates the Dead

Written By: Russel Nohelty
Art By: Juan Frigeri
Inks By: Fernando Melek
Colors By: Thomas Bacon
Published By: Wannabe Press

For those of you who don’t know, I started my writing career by writing for a religious website, and even wrote a few books, which yielded a moderate amount of success. For a few reasons, which I won’t go into here, I gravitated away from writing about religious topics and books, and began to focus on fiction (queue up unoriginal jokes about religion being fiction). Regardless, religion and philosophy fascinate me to no end, and I love when a writer uses religious texts and themes as a starting point for their stories. It’s tough to do because it can quickly become corny, or on the other side, agenda driven and “preachy.” However, when done well, it can be fun, interesting, and provide a great foundation upon which a writer can build a story or world upon. Katrina Hates the Dead, by Russel Nohelty does this very thing by taking religious themes, and weaving them into a comic that I’d describe as, “Shaun of the Dead” meets “Constantine.”


Katrina Hates the Dead is a five part series collected into both print and digital editions. The story follows, you might’ve guessed it, Katrina, who hates the dead. Why does she hate the dead? Well, it turns out that the whole “Rapture” event in the Christian Bible was true, and a bunch of people were snatched off the Earth to go live in Heaven. However, unlike the event foretold in Revelations (that’s the last book of the Bible), Satan then erupted from Hell, dispersing demons, and reviving the dead, to wreak havoc upon the world.

That’s a bad day for anyone really. I mean, can you imagine being one of the people left on Earth? You just watched family and friends get zapped away to heaven, meanwhile you’re left to deal with all the garbage Hell starts vomiting up. Oh, and I forgot to mention, if you die at this point you end up being tortured in Hell, or worse still, come back to life as Satan’s undead slave, which is actually worse than the torture route.


It’s at this point when the book takes a hilarious turn of events. I would’ve never guessed it, but it appears that killing and wreaking havoc on earth isn’t eternally entertaining. The demons and undead, not all but a majority, end up getting bored of ripping people apart and being jerk-holes, so they decide to domesticate themselves. Yeah, you read that correctly, demons and zombies start moving into houses, running gas stations, and all sorts of other stuff. They’re still total jerks, and absolutely screw with people (those who’ve survived this long), but they do so while managing the Kwik-E-Mart and local International House of Burgers.


Katrina, having been left behind from the Rapture, and surviving the previous years when demons ran amok, has developed…well, let’s just call it, anger problems. She hates life, almost as much as she hates demons. The (un)dead are annoying, somewhat clingy and high maintenance. While all of this sounds like it couldn’t get any worse for Katrina, she does in fact have one particularly horrible day; and she loses it. What’s a girl to do when you have demons hitting on you, a zombie bugging you for a television, and a boss making you come to work to serve a jerk customer slop-pizza? Well, if you’re Katrina, you decide to travel down to hell so you can beat the crap out of Satan…because he deserves it. What ensues from this point, is honestly a very well written and crafted story with twists and turns, going in directions that caught me off-guard, and ended with a surprise that delighted me.

This is definitely worth the read and money, as it’s a well written, thought out story with quality art, inking, and colors. I’d easily buy anything else Nohelty writes, and definitely want to see more of Juan Frigeri’s artwork in comics. If you’re interested you can pick up a hardcover copy of the book HERE, a paperback HERE, or the digital version HERE. If post apocalyptic, religious founded, devil punching, zombie hating, demon dating stories sound like something you’d dig, then I don’t think you could go wrong with Katrina Hates the Dead.

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