May Have Missed: March

May Have Missed is a monthly post in which I talk about a handful of standout comics that were published during the previous month.

Hyperion-One-CoverHyperion #1

Written By: Chuck Wendig
Art By: Nik Virella
Published: March 23, 2016 by Marvel Comics

Let me start things off by saying I had no clue what to expect from a book about Hyperion. I’ve never been into him as a character, but vaguely know him from his ties to Squadron Supreme, and even then only through encounters with the Justice League. With that said, this book caught me off guard, in a great way. The basic premise is that the once “evil” Hyperion is having a question of conscience, giving up the “hero” side of his life in order to clear his head. What this book produced was an actual interest in this character, I’m definitely looking forward to the next book just to see how and where they take this character.

Hellboy-Two-CoverHellboy & the B.P.R.D. 1953 #2

Written By: Mike Mignoal & Chris Roberson
Art By: Paolo Rivera
Published: March 23, 2016 by Dark Horse Comics

I’m super excited about the new Hellboy storyline “Beyond the Fences.” I’ve been wanting to dive into a Hellboy book for quite sometime and after issue one, I was ready and willing for the next issue. As always Hellboy delivers the weird in a unique way, while never losing touch of what makes the iconic character great. The setting is 1953, and a small town is suddenly dealing with a big share of the supernatural and unexpected. Hellboy, as always, with his Fire, Ready, Aim mentality is there to punch it all in the face. Seeing this extremely weird setting encapsulated in a very small town is really driving this book home for me. We’re only two issues in and I’m already hooked.

Super-Zero-Four-CoverSuper Zero #4

Written By: Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti
Art By: Rafael De Latorre
Published: March 23, 2016 by Aftershock Comics

I’ve written about Super Zero nearly every issue since it came out. Why? Because Dru is about as crazy as my imagination lets me be. Seriously, the stuff this girl will do to try and get superpowers is off the charts crazy, and I love her for it. This issue seems to involve space. Yup, space. As in the stars, moon, planets…SPACE. She intends, somehow, to hitch a ride on a spaceship, because, you know, space gives superpowers….duh? Neal Armstrong went to space and I can neither confirm nor deny that he returned with the ability to fly. Sure, I might’ve made that up, but that’s what someone who got the ability to fly from the moon would want you to think. If, by this point, you haven’t checked out Super Zero, do better for yourself, it’s easily one of my favorite books to read right now.

Batman-Fifty-CoverBatman #50

Written By: Scott Snyder
Art By: Greg Capullo & Danny Miki
Published: March 23, 2016 by DC Comics

Here we are, the big FIFTY, a culmination of the last nine issues. What can I say about the Bloom story that probably hasn’t been said by many others. I guess my take on this issue is that I never realized, and shame on me, that this entire story-arc has been a Commissioner Gordon feature under the Batman title. I mean, once my brain kicked in and thoughts happened it all made sense. I’m still not sure how I feel about the entire thing, as a Batman tale, but what I most certainly loved was seeing Gordon learn just how hard it is to be Batman. No one else can fill that role, in that way, other than the man himself. Thus the culmination in this issue was revelatory in that way, for me and Gordon. He stops trying to be something he isn’t, and in that moment, he becomes something more than he thought himself to be.

Gutter-Magic-Three-CoverGutter Magic #3

Written By:Rich Douek
Art By: Brett Barkley
Published: March 9, 2016 by IDW

Issue number three of the four part series is here, and I’m more than a fan thus far. As is it in storytelling, there are times when you need to simply push the characters and plot forward. The more cleverly you do this, the better the story. If done extremely well, it then becomes debatable when it’s actually being done. I bring this up because issue three of Gutter Magic is the propulsion issue of the story. We’re headed straight for the end game of issue four, but can’t arrive there too soon. Instead, what we get is a nice sequence of events where our story’s main characters interact in a conflict that sets up the final countdown. Plus there’s a dragon in this issue, and if anyone wants to complain about a dragon, you can take yourself elsewhere. This series has really surprised me, and frankly has created a desire within me for more fantasy genre comics, which aren’t easy to do in comics, mostly because magic is somewhat underwhelming when people can punch planets in half. I recommend grabbing all three issues of this series, they’re fun, whimsical, and well done, and I can’t wait for the final crescendo.

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