When My Addiction Helps Me Stumble Into Greatness

New Comic Book Day highlights some of the best books released that week.

Hello everyone and welcome to another week of my addiction turned blog. I know I have a problem, in fact, if I could, I would put every single comic published each week on my pull list. Unfortunately, I’m not a bajillionaire, so I make do with as many as my bank account allows. I’m not starving for books as anyone who follows my Instagram and Twitter can see every week, but as my philosophy in comic book life states: there’s no such thing as buying too many comics.


Circuit-Breaker-CoverCircuit Breaker

Written By: Kevin McCarthy
Art By: Kyle Baker
Published: March 23, 2016 by Image Comics

Starting us off today is a new book by Image, and what a book it was. Circuit Breaker is unlike any comic I’ve read in a long while. The art is highly stylized, which I know bothers some people, however, in my opinion, if the writing fits the art, even if it’s stylized, then only good things can happen. As I broke the first page I was given a short bio, filling my knowledge of the time and place in which this story exists. Over the next couple pages, honestly, I started to feel slightly lost. Now, as many of you know, I don’t typically point out stuff like that. The point of this blog is to stay positive, showcase the things I love, talk about why I love them, and to stop focusing on the negativity, which is flooding the comic world. However,  I mention my initial urge to set this comic aside because for anyone who picks up this book, I want you to know… DO NOT GIVE IN…READ THE ENTIRE THING. What comes after the first page is a short character intro followed by the our first conflict in the comic. What I didn’t realize initially, and this is why I started to drift early on, was just how important this odd conflict was going to be in the main story.

What followed was something that sucked me right into the depths of this world. I started reading each word with anticipation, and allowing myself to just soak up the art. By the end of the book, I just sat back with a smile on my face because of how pleasantly surprised I felt over what I’d just been given.

Circuit Breaker is a story about a young girl who is hidden in plain sight. She’s not what anyone in her world thinks she is, but instead, a creation with purpose. The moment I read the line, “Lots of people think they were created to ‘Serve a purpose.’ I know I was,” I knew this book was far more than I thought of it initially. By the end, we’re served up a world full highly interesting characters, robots who’ve become the focal point of hatred and bigotry, a society that’s perfectly fine in their ignorance, and the young girl the story follows. A person with an understood mission, whose life carries far more secrets than anyone could guess.


The-Shadow-Glass-CoverThe Shadow Glass #1

Written By: Aly Fell
Art By: Aly Fell
Published: March 23, 2016 by Dark Horse Comics

Oh man, today is a cool day for comics. I mean, every new comic book day is cool, but today has been so generous with the new books. This was a book I wasn’t even aware of, but took a minute to read-up on it in the store today. My first impression of this book was good, it sounded like something different, and a nice stray away from a superhero book. Once I got home and started flipping pages, what I discovered is a great, fluid story that delivered exactly what it set out to accomplish.

The story is set in 1582 London, and immediately the art grabbed my attention. With good attention to detail this book pulls you into the tone and feel quickly. However, what I wasn’t ready for was the addition of mystical objects. This isn’t a might and magic book, so I’m guessing we aren’t going to get wizards and dragons. Instead, this is a solid story following a young girl who discovers her father isn’t actually her father. However, her actual father is super creepy, kind of a jerk, and possibly dealing with the supernatural, just for the heck of it. By the end, we learn that she’s about to be thrown, willingly or not, into a world she’s been protected from for her entire life.


Delete-CoverDelete #1

Written By: Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray
Art By: John Timms
Colors By: Paul Mounts
Published: May 23, 2016 by Devil’s Due Comics

HO-LY-CRAP! This book…folks this book…err mur gurd this book. I had zero expectations going into this sucker. I knew about it, thought it sounded cool, and decided to grab it. Then, as I flipped the pages, my mind was blown over and over. I contemplated not writing about this book today, but instead, moving it to Best Foot Forward on Tuesday, because I’m seriously losing my mind over how good it was. I still might give this book a full write up, even after this, it was THAT good.

The premise is following a couple who appears to possess some information on a criminal, possibly the head of a huge corporation, and this dude is pissed. He’s hunting them down because whatever it is they have on this guy, he wants it back in a bad way…and they just got found. There’s a huge sense of mystery, which grabbed me and didn’t let go. What followed, after the initial setup, just ran me over, backed up, ran me over again, and I just laid there and kept asking for more. It’s sci-fi based, and I’m being purposefully vague about all that it is because I don’t want to spoil even the tiniest of panels for you. It’s so good, that I want you to able to enjoy every page you pass your eyes over them, without any input from anyone. At this point, I really don’t see how I’m going to avoid writing about it again on Tuesday, and I’m sitting here smiling because that means I’ll read it again, just to refresh. Until then, do yourself a favor, if like good comics…GO BUY THIS BOOK.

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