Saddle Up for Some Hootenanny, Defection, and Geeking Out: This Week in Comics

New Comic Book Day highlights some of the best books released that week.

3-Devils-Cover3 Devils #1

Written By: Bo Hampton
Art By: Bo Hampton
Published: March 16, 2016 by IDW

Saddle up partners, for this is one daisy of a book, ya hear. Whoa…what was that…I just started talkin all western…I…I’m sorry for that, it won’t happen again. Just kidding! Woohoo, rope em up and hog tie that biscuit, let’s take the dangler on in to town for a hootenany.

What’s happening, I reckin you’re asking yourself? Well, nothing but a darn good western comic by the name of 3 Devils, that’s what. In my opinion, the comic world could use no less than a 10,000% increase in western themed comics that are as good as 3 Devils. I mean what’s not to like, we have good old fashion western themes, magic and mysticism, raising people from the dead, some form of devil character, and all the grit and grime the old west can kick up. Woohoo *tosses an imaginary wide brimmed hat into the air and starts shooting revolvers wildly* I burned through the pages of this comic so fast I read it twice more, and already added it to my ever growing pull list. Yeehaw, six guns, posse, cattle herdin, and other old west words…I really am sorry for this outburst.


Turncoat-CoverTurncoat #1

Written By: Alex Paknadel
Art By: Artyom Trakhanov
Published: March 16, 2016 by Boom Studios

I’m not actually sure where to start with this comic. The first thing I want to say is, it’s really freaking weird, but in every good way possible. It’s a pretty dense first issue, with some time jumps, and scene switches, that forced me to take my time with the story. However, by the end, I knew I wanted to see what was next.

The basic premise of the book, from what I’ve gathered in the first issue, is that there was a war between humans and aliens, or Management. Our protagonist worked for Management, but flipped sides and using her knowledge she helped the humans win the war. This however, left her in a very awkward spot because she was badly wounded shortly after her defection. This injury kept her from being a war hero for the humans, and defection branded her as a traitor against Management, thus her life had no place once the war was over and she was healed.

By the end of the book, what develops is a sci-fi, noir-esque tone, as we now follow the life of Marta, the Management traitor. I wasn’t ready for the story to take the turns that it did, but was always pleased with the twists. By using the introduction of this sci-fi world Paknadel was able to weave his plot nicely, without ever giving away what was to come. This comic definitely wasn’t what I expected, but giving it an honest try, I was more than a little pleased, and look forward to issue two.


Symmetry-Four-CoverSymmetry #4

Written By: Matt Hawkins
Art By: Raffaele Ienco
Published: March 16, 2016 by Top Cow Productions

I know you couldn’t hear it, but as I finished this issue of Symmetry I simply screamed out, “ I LOVE THIS BOOK SO MUCH!” That, honestly, is probably the best description I can give the four issue story arc thus far. I, truly, love this comic. I have looked forward to every issue, each month over the past four. I’ve written about, including this, three of the four issues (Here & here). The only issue I didn’t write about was the second, and at this point in time, I may just write about the arc as a whole because it was just that good.

As for this individual issue, what we have is a cleanly wrapped intro story arc, with just enough intrigue and unanswered questions to make me wish I could convince Matt Hawkins to send me scripts to read because I want to know more. I’m not spoiling this issue, because that’s a jerk move, and I really want more people to dive into this new series and discover the joy-joy feelings it’s given me.

Also, there’s a section at the end of this book that captivated me, and it actually had very little to do with comics, other than the loose connection to Hawkins’ influences. At the end they’ve included a section with fourteen different headings. Each discusses an aspect of interest and intrigue that melded together to create the story we have in Symmetry. I found it delightful to read, and getting a glimpse into some of the things that brought this story to life, as well as a few hints at what’s to come, I gladly welcomed and would most certainly be something I’d like to see in other comics.

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