When Cubes Go Wild and Forget Their Pants

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Well, here we are once again on a webcomic Monday. I’m still sick, and can’t seem to shake this darn cold. However, what I’ll never get sick of is comics (I apologize for that cheesy line, it’s the meds talking). Recently, I went on a comic delving adventure wherein I start randomly searching for comics on the internet through hashtag searches, using different social media sites. My favorite two are Instagram and Twitter. Knowing that comic creators often follow other comic creators, I’ve recently discovered a new method of finding comic gold, by browsing through the followed accounts of creators I enjoy. Now, as I type that, I immediately recognize how creepy that sounds, but if that’s the case then call me Creepy McCreeperstine, because I’ve found some awesome comics by doing this. One such comic I creeped across was Parallax by Falke, and holy smokes, did I fall into this comic hard.


Parallax is a supernatural fantasy comic that follows a kid named Lomax, who isn’t exactly thrilled with his life. It appears that Lomax is trapped inside a small, boring town named Silverdalen, due to his parents occupation. Being the good kid he is, Lomax puts his head down and toughs it out. However, on a rather annoying day, Lomax has an odd encounter with his science teacher who sees potential in young Lomax. Whether by fate or a hidden knowledge, Lomax’s science teacher hands him a gift, a powerful armor known as a Raiment, which changes Lomax’s boring life wildly.

I’m a sucker for these types of stories, for some reason they just speak to me. I adore the idea of giving someone a pinnacle moment in their life, something they didn’t foresee or strive to get, but instead this moment-in-time brings about massive change for the character. There also might be a slight desire, somewhere within me, to have someone bestow upon me a magical armor, weapon, vehicle, heck I’d settle for a blanket if it did something awesome. Someone just give me something magical!


As it turns out, this boring town of Silverdalen isn’t so boring. There’s these creatures called a Matterhorner that live out of phase with our reality, but can in fact affect, even kill us. Lomax’s Raiment allows him to see these creatures clearly and empowers him to fight these freaky Matterhorners. Seriously, when I say freaky, I mean that these creatures actually weirded me out.

They move like a broken image on a television show, and have these huge stone/gem-like heads, with their naked lanky bodies just creeping toward you. Imagine if Pyramid Head from Silent Hill had a square headed cousin that refused to put on pants. Yeah, it’s that level of freaky, and poor Lomax has his magic armor for about a day before science teacher thinks it’s a good idea to go cube head hunting. Unfortunately, Lomax is a bit overwhelmed during his first encounter, and I can’t blame him. I’d have a little more than mild anxiety if I was led into the forest to fight against glitchy block heads that want to kill me but forgot to put pants on before the fight.


Regardless of how weird the Matterhorners are, the compelling nature this comic had on me was definitely influenced by the visuals found within this story. I adored Falke’s art which is a mixture of Manga and American comic style. There’s a cartoon’ish feel to it all, but his layouts and expressions are so compelling that it blends together wonderfully. Also, the coloring work is right up my alley as Falke uses a lot of flats without overdoing the gradients. Every page is beautiful to look at and accompanies the storytelling perfectly.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been sick, but as soon as I found this comic I binged all ninety-two pages in a day, and felt a sense of sadness when I realized I had read all there was for now. Parallax made it into my comics folder almost instantly, and I’ll most certainly be reading every new page as it appears on Wednesdays. If you’re looking for something fun with a supernatural twist, or you just dig lanky cube headed weirdos with a distaste for pants, than Parallax is definitely worth your time.

You can read Parallax HERE.

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