A Week of Groovy Music, a Time Vortex, & Vanishing Money

Beyond the Panels rewinds the week and takes a look at all that happened beyond the pages of comic books.


A talking raccoon, killer tree with a heart of gold, crazed warrior woman, a barbarian who’s religion is literally literalism, all lead by a guy kidnapped by aliens as a child. Throw in some of the best music spread over multiple generations, and what we have is the very exciting news that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 has started filming. With this stupendous news, Marvel Studios released a teaser image showing the team stepping forward in mesmerizing, hazy back-lit, glory. In addition my excitement over what songs will make it into this movies soundtrack, the fact that we see the tiniest little Groot riding shotgun on Drax’s shoulder, and this writer may have screamed like a child in excitement over this single image.



I’m old enough to feel weird by including Netflix into a television category, yet, nearly all my TV consumption is done through my computer. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I actually watched my TV. Regardless of my old man feelings, Daredevil Season 2 is quickly approaching, and with it, all the teaser footage we can devour. This time, we have a short promo video depicting our hero chained to a chimney high above the Hell’s Kitchen skyline. We know the Punisher is confirmed to be a part of this season’s storyline, although I’m not convinced he’s the culprit behind this chained up binding. It just doesn’t feel like Punisher’s style. He’s a bit too slanted toward violence for the whole, chaining someone up on a roof, type work. If you get in his way he’s just as likely to shoot you in the face as he is to punch you in the teeth until you stop moving. My guess, we are seeing some of Elektra’s handiwork in this piece. She’s been downplayed in most of the promo stuff, with small bits of teaser material here and there. Either way, I plan on losing an entire day of productivity the day Season 2 hits.


The New York Toy Fair has come and gone, and with it a slew of new things I want to spend money on, most notably the pile of new Funko products.

I’m a Funko person, an in-the-box Funko collector. At last count I’m sitting with around one-hundred and ten, but I’ve been to a couple collectible shows, and more than a few trips to Hot Topic since I last tallied them all up.


Suicide-Squad-FunkoAlthough my tastes for Funko’s rarely goes beyond comics, I need not worry. Funko brought an entire “Suicide Squad,” including Leto’s Joker, as well as a Civil War set to the show. The Black Panther, for me, was a standout. In addition there were “Adventure Time,” “Fairy Tail,” “Warcraft,” “Willy Wonka,” and “Harry Potter” figures all on display.


Civil-War-FunkoLastly, one of the newer additions to the Funko line-up are the Dorbz. Now, admittedly, I’ve yet to fully give into this side of my collection fever. I’ve not abstained completely, but with only five I can’t really consider myself a collector. Yet, that number looks to be growing with the addition of Daredevil Dorbz. Funko displayed Matt Murdock rocking both the all-black suit and classic red, and of course he wouldn’t be complete if he wasn’t also out of costume and wearing his iconic red glasses. What would the set be without one of the baddest bald dudes in the Marvel world, Kingpin. It looks like my wallet will sustain a few Funko bruises throughout this year.


Daredevil-FunkoAll images “Toys” image credits belong to CBR

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