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Written By: Paul Jenkins
Art By: Andy Clarke
Cover Art By: Andy Clarke
Published: December 2, 2015 by Aftershock Comics

What a wonderful time to be alive as a comic fan. In fact, I can’t remember a time when more wonderful stories were being produced by people venturing out on their own. The number of creators and independent publishers who are partnering in order to create something original is mesmerizing. For the fans, we now gain glorious combinations of creators like Eisner-award winning writer Paul Jenkins and all-around amazing artist Andy Clarke as they produce something special in Replica.

Replica is a science-fiction story revolving around the intergalactic hub known as the Transfer. This hub is a cross between a space-station and an extremely small moon, on which the weirdest shopping mall in the universe is built. Luckily, the Transfer is located inside a thousand points of folded space, at the epicenter of the known universe, which is great because I’ve heard location is everything for a business.


As one would imagine, control over the Transfer would prove to be quite useful. Thus it isn’t surprising to find out that over a million different species are vying for position and power within. Unfortunately, a Machine Intelligence, who has been on the Transfer since its discovery, already occupies roughly half of it. This artificial species wants nothing to do with anyone else, never attempts to communicate, and every unfortunate person sent to establish relations has never returned. So basically, the Transfer is a giant space Wal-Mart, with a deadly automotive section, upon which everyone is fighting for manager and greeter positions.

It is this spacial melting pot of madness to which Trevor Carter, our stories main character, has been assigned as a peacekeeper. In in attempt to deal with the unfortunate working conditions, and the fact that his crew of deputies may be the most ineffectual law-people in the universe, Trevor decides his best course of action is replication. After-all, if the only competent member of his peacekeeper team is himself, creating more himselves seems like a great idea. Unfortunately, the replication process doesn’t go quite as planned.


That, my dear comic fans, is just the beginning of this great comic. Beyond the wonderfully creative storytelling by Jenkins, Clarke steps up and delivers panel after panel of stellar art work. There’s a levity to the entire book which Clarke captures, add to that Marcelo Maiolo’s colors, and what you end up with is this completely enjoyable science fiction/crime drama, with a comedy spin, that left this reader adding it to his pull list after the first issue.

With Replica only being three issues deep, getting invested isn’t too costly for those who wish to give it a read, but it also means there’s a decent amount of story to consume for those who decide they want more beyond issue one. For my tastes, this comic was beyond good, and ventured into, holy-crap-this-thing-is-amazeballs. There were laughs, moments of suspense, and the crime drama aspect of the story was deep enough to carry the levity. In my opinion, this is worth grabbing to see if its your style.

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