Zero’s Become Heroes & Kids Fight Demon Possessed Adults, It’s Been a Crazy Week

Beyond the Panels rewinds the week and takes a look at all that happened beyond the pages of comic books.

It’s been an interesting week out there, beyond the panels of comics, and let me tell you, what a world we live in. Why do I say that? Because comics are taking over much of today’s entertainment media. Folks, we live in a world where we have not just iconic characters of the comic book universe, but all characters of all levels coming at us in print, television, and the silver screen. What a great time to be a comic fan.



Legends of Tomorrow completed their two episode pilot introduction this week. We’ve been introduced to all the main characters. We were told why this group of people were chosen. Lastly, we now know what their purpose of coming together is, and now that the introduction are complete, my initial reaction for this show is good. First off, let me say, this is a fun show. It has it’s own tone and feel, separating itself from Arrow and The Flash. This is a feat, which cannot be easy considering every character, other than Rip Hunter, debuted on one of the other two shows. Yet, as a credit to both the writers and what actor, Arthur Darvill (Rip Hunter) brings to the show, it has already begun to establish its own voice, thus separating its self from that of its older brothers. I’m excited to see where this show goes and even more excited to see so how these particular characters develop. If you enjoy Arrow and The Flash this really is a must watch.

In case you missed this show you can watch it for free currently on the CW website HERE



Arrow has returned in its second-half and we’ve worked our way away from the mid-season cliffhanger. However, the real news that excited me this week was that the character John Diggle, played by David Ramsey, will be getting a new helmet. In an interview with IGN, Ramsey was asked about outfit updates to which he replied, “Central City will be working on an upgrade to Diggle’s helmet.” This should be exciting news as it looks like the studio has listened to the voice of the fans who’ve spoken out with their dislike of the helmet.

Here’s a link to the IGN interview



In Gotham news its been reported by that Mr. Freeze and Hugo Strange will be a major part of the second half of Gotham: Season 2. For those of you who have yet to see the image, we have been given a glimpse of Mr. Freeze wearing a first iteration freeze suit, and wielding his freeze gun. Something I think the show has done well is work with the tools they have. They are attempting to tell the story of Gotham before Batman, which is a monumental task. We are only interested in Gotham because of Batman, thus generating interesting stories without the major draw must be difficult. However, with images and teases such as this Mr. Freeze and early versions of Hugo strange it appears as though they’re still on the right track.





In case you weren’t on the internet this week, a new Batman v Superman picture traversed the corners of the web brought to us by In this image, featured below, we see the infamous Omega symbol synonymous with one of DC’s most powerful villains: Darkseid. For those of you unfamiliar with Darkseid, he is the tyrant ruler of the planet Apokolips with a proclivity for universal domination. In the DC universe Darkseid is one of biggest threats to Earth and a regular adversary of the Justice League.




And finally, wrapping up our movie coverage this week, a new trailer dropped from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment. A brand new DC Animated movie titled, “Justice League vs Teen Titans.” At first read of the title my initial reaction was something close to, “Is this a movie about adults fighting kids?” And as bad as that sounds, it turns out, it’s worse. Based on this trailer, the premise of the movie looks to follow Trigon, father to Raven, as he begins an escape from his inter-dimensional prison. How you may ask? By possessing none other than the Justice League. So, from what I can gather, this isn’t just a movie about adults fighting kids; it’s a movie about–demon possessed adults–fighting kids, and I personally can’t wait to watch it.

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